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What’s In It For You

Property and Finance Solutions is changing the way property investors make their property investment decisions. We are building a program that will guide investors step by step through every phase of the property investment process.

We take the guess work out of random internet searches and give everything you need on one trusted platform.

The program will be intuitive and user friendly, and when you need to speak to an expert they will be at your beckoned call.

Investors have access to detailed information on the best researched and most attractive investment opportunities that are suited to their financial circumstances and long term goals. Information will be laid out in an easy to understand format from compatibility score, research data, property investment score, comparisons and analysis to help make a final selection. Every step in the investment process is mapped out so that the investor doesn’t leave out anything. The idea is to make sure investors maximise on all the benefits an investment in property offers.


The MOTZA Clubs’ goal is to offer the most comprehensive online service platform for property investors. We would like to invite you to actively  participate in the MOTZA Club and be rewarded for your efforts.

We want a win-win for everyone who gets involved. Appreciation for your participation will be shown in the form of long term rewards that will grow as we grow.

You participate by becoming a Member of the Motza Club. A minimum Membership Fee of $250 is required to become a member. The Club issues you a WAD as a token of your support. As a WAD owner you are eligible to receive Rewards points which can be redeemed for goods and services.

1 WAD is rewarded ‘x’ amount of points for every property investment purchased through the services we provide.


Example 1:

1 WAD valued at $250 will be rewarded with x points per sale

100 property purchases per year is 100 x ‘x’ points = 100x points – redeemable for a large range of goods and services.

Membership Levels

Members have the opportunity to elevate their membership status to higher levels. This is done by acquiring further WADs.

The more WADs Participants acquire, the more rewards points a Member receives. (40 WADs are the Maximum amount of WADs per Member)

Example 2:

Consider a maximum Participation in the Program of $10,000 = 40 WADs

With a total of 100 property investment purchases per year the Participant is rewarded $6,000 each year

With a total of 150 property investment purchases per year the Participant is rewarded $9,000 each year

An initial contribution of $10,000 allows the Participant to achieve a recurring stream of passive income coming in year after year.

Referral System

The MOTZA Club offers further incentives to earn Rewards Points through referrals of friends and family as follows:

NB: Only Members are eligible for the referral system.

Investor Incentives

As a MOTZA Club member, purchasing an investment Property through our services entitles you to receive a Reward of 50,000 Points (conditions apply – see our terms and conditions)


Membership Level Options

Premium Memberships

Membership numbers are limited as there is a cap of a total of 10,000 WADs available to Members. Once the cap has been reached, the Motza Club will not take on new members.

Participation in the MOTZA Rewards Program starts at a minimum 1 WAD at $250 and up to a maximum of 40 WADs at $250/WAD ( $10,000.)