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A Brief History

Population Boom

Australia is headed into an unprecedented population boom with most urban centres looking to more than double their populations by the year 2036. This trend is driving demand for housing. The cost of available land for development is also increasing making it even more difficult for First Home Buyers to get into the market, thus forcing them to rent for longer periods of time.

Housing Shortage

Even though builders and developers roll out new projects and estates every year, by the end of the year there is always a housing shortage. The shortage of available housing coupled with increased pricing drives the demand  for more rental property. This demand for for rental properties is a boon for property investors and for those savvy investors getting into the market considerable gains are to be made.


The only way that builders and developers, all of which are competing against each other, can get their products which they produce known to home buyers and investors is to advertise. Advertising in print media and TV is very costly and can often be uneconomical as these costs are generally paid upfront before anything is sold. So, it’s no secret that builders and developers that cater to the investor market have huge overheads in order to advertise their properties. These overheads are calculated into the cost of producing a finished full turnkey investor property.

Channel Partners

Over the years builders and developers have sort ways to minimize the advertising and marketing costs to offer better prices to the market. Out of this grew a new service that acts like a conduit between clients wishing to invest in property and builders and developers that cater towards the investor. The Channel Partner does not deal in sales for First Home Buyers. There are plenty of display homes out there for First Home Buyers. By the same token, display home sales staff is not geared up to cater to the investor market.

Service Oriented

Channel Partners are geared to deal with investors and their research and analysis requirements. They take care of the contract processes and monitor construction through to handover, settlement and property management. The Channel Partners make the investors task of purchasing an investment property easier and minimise the risk involved. Property and Finance Solutions is one of these Channel Partners with the years of experience, expertise and knowledge to deal with all facets of investments in Property.


With the introduction of the Channel Partner builders and developers save money on costly marketing and advertising. This also allows the builders and developers to concentrate on doing what they do best, i.e. build. The burden of marketing directly to Clients has been handed over to the Channel Partner. e.g., you may have received phone calls from telemarketers calling to make a time for a consultant to come and visit you at home.

In fact, a great many property investors and potential property investors are no longer receptive to telemarketers. The internet has made available a mass of information for investors to do their own due diligence and research.

Enter the ‘New Age’