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Welcome to Property and Finance Solutions. We have been helping everyday Australians achieve financial independence since 2003. We enjoy empowering our clients with our knowledge and expertise. Our goal is to help you succeed.

Everyone’s circumstances are different. This requires a fresh approach to finding the solutions to your needs. We’ll be open and honest with you if you are open and honest with us. It’s a Win-Win situation.

Portfolio Building

The Property and Finance Solutions team has extensive experience in property investment and building property portfolios. We know that the only way to achieve financial freedom through property investment is to build a property portfolio. We will teach you how to do this on your own. It’s getting started that requires knowledge and expertise.


When obtaining investment finance, Property and Finance Solutions have a streamlined and proven process that ensures the best outcomes for you. We do recommend our clients use our finance process. Ultimately, it’s your choice whether to use this service or rely on your own.

Due Diligence

Our investment property acquisitions team takes the guess work out of your investment choices. We conduct thorough research and can supply you with detailed due diligence reports on each property, whether it be a townhouse, apartment or standard house and land package.

High Yielding Property Investment

We specialise in cash flow positive dual occupancy and duplex house and land packages. Both of these property types will help you accelerate your goal to financial independence. Two of the strongest growth areas in Australia for dual income properties are SE Queensland and the Central Coast of NSW.

Quality Builders

We do not deal with builders that cut costs on inclusions and quality of materials and finishes to offer a cheap bargain. Our cooperation with quality builders and developers has been nurtured over decades and we are confident that you will be extremely happy with the properties we present to you.

The team at Property and Finance Solutions take great pride ensuring that you have access to the best expertise from industry professionals. Property investment involves many facets. This is why P&F Solutions has formed important professional relationships and strategic partnerships with industry professionals across a number of investment related disciplines. These include: financial planning, finance and mortgage broking, superannuation, estate planning, conveyancing and legal, property management and insurance. Get our FREE Report.