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Posted on July 4, 2022

Dual Occupancy House Plans

Many investors, especially first-time investors are looking for property investments that are cash flow positive. This is where Dual Occupancy House Plans have become very popular as they offer high yielding rental incomes.

We have spent numerous hours with specialist architects and drafts people to perfect and refine the dual occupancy house plans that we make available to you. We want them to be as desirable and high yielding as possible.


Dual Occupancy House Plans Differ Across Council Areas

Dual Occupancy house plans vary from Council to Council. This is due to the differences in Council regulations. We are fully aware of these differences. That why we cater to the varying Council regulations with carefully thought out designs.

A good example is the Ipswich City Council Area. A dual occupancy property in this Council area has to have a maximum of one bedroom in the auxiliary dwelling and no more than 50m2 of living space. In the Logan City Council Area, the auxiliary dwelling can be two bedrooms and a maximum of 70m2 of living space for lots that are less than 1000m2.


You can see then that the house plans will differ greatly for dual occupancy homes for Logan compared to Ipswich. There are a significant number of considerations when drafting dual occupancy house plans that are taken into account. Due to the restrictions on the size of the dwellings in most Council areas, the key consideration that we focus on is to make the best use of the limited space available.

We always try to limit the amount of wasted space and tend to look towards open plan designs. We reduce void areas and hallways where possible.

Each block of land that we site a dual occupancy house plan on will have its own set of estate covenants or circumstances and constraints that we have to work within. This will include some of the following:

In every instance, there are block specific considerations which need to be accounted for. To ensure the best outcome, we utilise the skills and expertise of professionals which include:

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