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Posted on July 4, 2022

Dual Occupancy Homes in Brisbane

A lot of investors searching for dual occupancy homes in Queensland start their online research by using the search term “Dual Occupancy in Brisbane”. They will be shown a lot of different types of property which will confuse them more than help them.

A lot of this has to do with the terminology different councils use for dual income homes. So, can you build a Dual Occupancy in Brisbane? Let’s take a closer look at the terminology used for Dual Occupancy homes.

Dual Occupancy: Two dwellings on the one title, that can be rented out separately, but not strata titled.

Duplex: Two dwellings on the one title, which can be strata titled (to allow separate titles) and sold off separately.

Granny Flat: A secondary dwelling that is a maximum of 80sqm in size, and cannot be rented to someone who doesn’t form part of your household.

Now this is where things get interesting. Brisbane City Council uses the term dual occupancy to refer to a duplex. So, if you’re searching for what you think is a dual occupancy home in Brisbane, you’ll be referring to a duplex.

So, can you really build Dual Occupancy homes in Brisbane? The short and most direct answer, is no. Brisbane City Council doesn’t allow the dual occupancy concept (or Auxiliary) as previously defined. The council allows duplexes where they meet the specific lot requirements, and they also allow Granny Flats.

A Granny Flat in Brisbane has restrictions to whom it may be rented. It should be rented out to a member of your household. If you are renting it out to a separate party you should be prepared to receive a ‘Show Cause Notice’ from Council. There are instances of dual occupancy homes in Brisbane in which landlords are renting out to other parties, however this is not recommended.

Dual occupancy Homes for investment purposes and positive cash flow won’t work within the Brisbane City Council Area. They do work within the Ipswich City Council, Logan City Council, Pine Rivers/Moreton Shire Council and Sunshine Coast Areas.

These four Councils all form part of the major growth corridors in SE Qld. With dual occupancy (auxiliary unit) being allowed in these areas, there is a great range of growth locations where a dual occupancy investment can work extremely well. (please note each Council differs in the specific rules and regulations).

If you’re looking for a Dual Occupancy in Brisbane, then you’re out of luck. The closest area where you will be allowed to build a dual occupancy home will be under 20km out from the CBD in Logan.

For further information on Dual Occupancy homes in Brisbane or any other dual occupancy properties around South East Queensland or NSW please contact us.

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