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Posted on July 4, 2022

Dual Occupancy Designs – Logan

Logan LGA is a massive area south of Brisbane and comprises of about 70 suburbs. Logan is undergoing an unprecedented population boom driven by employment opportunities, lifestyle and proximity to good schools, medical and sports facilities, shops and all other amenities.

It is no wonder that dual occupancy home designs have become a much sought-after property option in the Logan Area (South of Brisbane) for both investors and owner occupiers.

As mentioned previously, the rules and regulations for dual occupancy dwellings vary from council to council. Given the Logan Council area is vast, there are a number of rules around dual occupancy designs which you may wish to be aware of.

Dual Occupancy Designs Logan – Council Definition

The Logan City Council refers to these as Dual Occupancy (Auxiliary Unit).

According to the Logan City Council, a Dual Occupancy design (Auxiliary Unit) is where both dwellings are owned by the same person on one land title.

Regarding the Auxiliary Unit:


What is the assessment level for a Dual Occupancy Design (Auxiliary Unit)?

Obtaining an approval for a dual occupancy property can be relatively easy and straightforward if you have prior experience in dealing with the process.

Dual occupancy designs (Auxiliary Units) are easy to develop as long as you adhere to the planning scheme. They often do not require Council approval and do not have a minimum lot size.

If a dual occupancy complies with the density requirements, and the self-assessable criteria, in most instances it will be self-assessable. This means that it doesn’t have to go through a full council approval process.

Dual occupancy designs in Logan can be self-assessable when they meet the council criteria.

If you’d like any further information on the Logan area and the Dual Occupancy designs we have on offer, please let us know.

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